About US

The National African Federated Chamber in Construction (NAFCON) is an independent and non-profit business support organisation primarily, but not exclusively, serving the black community specifically in the construction and built environment. Its main objective is to promote and encourage the development of black business in South Africa and thereby draw the black majority into economic activity and decision making. It aims to promote a spirit of co-operation and unity among black business people, to encourage self-help in the black community and full participation in the economy of the country. NAFCON also strives to be a major role-player in infrastructure development, construction of need facilities such as hospitals, clinics and schools.

History of NAFCON

  • Rooted in the Struggle for Liberation
  • Black Entrepreneurs were part of the oppressed masses
  • NAFCOC(National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry) was at the forefront - calling for the release of political prisoners and the unbanning of all political parties
  • NAFCOC championed the establishment of Black Owned Businesses in Retail, Banking, Construction and Media
  • And therefore NAFCOC Construction (NAFCON) was formed.
  • NAFCON is a national business chamber whose core business is to offer services to contractors, property managers and property developers .
  • Majority of  membership is emerging contractors who are low in ranking at the C.I.D.B
  • Membership driven organisation which has a national footprint


  • Facilitate creation of much-needed jobs
  • Development of skills
  • Accelerated infrastructure development
  • Encourages Less dependency on the informal sector
  • Formalization of business
  • Advises Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Expansion of the tax base
  • Assists in Reduction of poverty
  • Promotes Efficient service delivery by government and the broad based empowerment of SMME’s .


  • “To be the leading voice of the construction industry in South Africa.”
  •  "Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." 
  • – Japanese proverb

“To create an environment where business people feel a sense of belonging through affiliation”

  • “To develop, empower and promote existing and emerging construction businesses into the mainstream economy.”
  • “To formalize meaningful partnerships with the well-established players in the construction industry.”
  • “To establish a financially viable construction chamber to provide the construction and related businesses with support, finance and relevant skills and competencies.”

Values or guiding principles

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency / Accountability
  • Excellence


  • Partner with three spheres of the government in order to :
  • Provide entrepreneurial development support to SME’s
  • Educate SME’s on the availability and benefits of equity funding
  • Ensure that SME’s have access to public sector projects and initiatives that the government targeted to spend on SME’s.
  • Provide effective linkages with other business support institutions.
  • To engage with private companies whom need the expertise of our members to complete projects
  • To engage with any private entity and provide construction and building solutions